Deep Vision AI Scales AI at the Edge of Healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian

The delivery of healthcare is increasingly challenging with having to do more with fewer resources. Smart sensors such as AI-enabled cameras and microphones can act as eyes and ears to ensure public safety, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency at healthcare facilities.

It’s now possible with advanced computer vision technology and monitoring systems to detect above normal temperature in humans, and proactively identify those that may be infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Many organizations are reportedly using thermometers. The challenge with this method is that it is labor-intensive to deploy, often generates queuing of people (which goes against social distancing guidelines), creates bottlenecks at access/exit locations, creates certain risks because it requires human contact, and may be prone to error if an orderly process is not followed.

Deep Vision AI Inc. in partnership with Intellisite now provides a comprehensive solution that combines Deep Vision’s proprietary advanced computer vision technology with Intellisite’s All-In-One Human-Based Monitoring (HbM) system. Together, this solution delivers a smarter application to detect elevated body temperatures in real-time to identify high-risk individuals and create actionable outcomes. Alerts are logged to enable auditing and other data tracking processes providing the ability for a quick and appropriate response.

Deep Vision AI temperature detection solution and NVIDIA Clara Guardian


Delivering AI at the edge minimizes data privacy concerns and enables real-time AI to improve public health and social measures by checking the temperature of employees reporting to work, patients, or visitors entering a hospital, people entering public and private buildings, or passengers boarding a plane or train. This results in protecting patients, customers, and employees, preventing virus spread from unknown carriers and the possibility to implement an autonomous screening system.

 This solution can be deployed to one or hundreds of locations with scaled options and proven technology utilized in SARS, H5N1, MERS outbreaks. It can be installed inside and outside, and the system adjusts automatically to ambient temperature.

 NVIDIA Clara Guardian is a healthcare-specific set of SDKs and application frameworks that run on the NVIDIA EGX platform for AI computing on edge servers and embedded devices. NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multi-modal AI anywhere in a hospital.

 By delivering real-time temperature detection capabilities that enhance public health and social measures, Deep Vision AI and NVIDIA Clara Guardian are ushering in a new generation of smart hospitals and facilities and bringing AI to the edge of healthcare.