Automate the organization of your media collection

Apply visual recognition technology to understand your images and videos.

  • Optimize resources with image auto-tagging technology.
  • Automatically classify and categorize your image content.
  • Moderate content and filter sensitive data automatically.

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Visual recognition API

We provide our customers with new ways of understanding and monetizing visual data.

Visual Face

Detect and recognize faces in your images and videos with our AI-enabled technology. It provides the location of the detected faces, and can perform facial matches to find target subjects. Additionally, you can gather demographic information of people.

Facial detection & recognition
Add your gallery of images and start recognizing custom faces immediately.
Facial demographics
Estimate age and gender of people with our facial analysis model.
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Visual Vehicle

Detect and identify information like the year, make and model of vehicles from any angle. Our model also provides interior and exterior views of the vehicle.

Vehicle year, make, model recognition
Our current library contains 1,000+ year, make, models.
Views detection
We detect +20 exterior and interior views of the vehicle.
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Visual Context

Allows for auto-tagging of images and provides conceptual context information of your media. Our model returns the list of the most relevant concepts and a confidence score associated to each prediction.

Recognize objects, products and scenes
Predict over 11.000 general concepts.
Customizable attributes
Additional concepts and attributes can also be added to the model on-demand.
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Visual Brand

Detect and recognize brand logos in images and video. We provide the coordinate locations of the logo plus the name of the brand with an associated confidence score.

Brand logo detection & recognition
Customizable brands
New brands are supported by our model on demand.
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Visual Search

Get the most visually similar objects in your images with visual search. Simply upload your image gallery and then you can search over those images seamlessly. We return the most similar images with a similarity score.

Search by image
Find pictures and objects in your gallery
Upload your gallery
Upload your images and start searching immediately
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