Facial recognition for smarter cities

We provide features for safety, advertising and urban planning.

  • Facial detection, recognition and demographics.
  • Estimate age, gender and count people in your city.
  • We cover a variety of deployment scenarios going from edge devices, to cloud solutions or even on premise.

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Recognize vehicles in images and videos

Apply our technology to infer vehicle demographics, like the year, make, and model, count and flow of vehicles. Utilize analytics to target contextualized ads based on the vehicle segments on particular city areas, and understand ROI of billboard placements. Find vehicle matches of particular vehicles of interest providing greater levels of security to citizens.

Vehicle year, make, model recognition
Our current library contains  year, make, models of the  last +10 years across different regions.
Views detection
We detect +20 exterior and interior views of the vehicle.

Detect and recognize faces in your images and videos

Understand gender, age, and count people in your city. Gather this demographic information to target segments and areas for personalizations of ads. We also provide facial verification solutions that allow cities and property managers to achieve facial matches of particular subjects of interest.

People counting
Add your gallery of images and start recognizing custom faces immediately.
Facial demographics
Estimate age and gender of people with our facial analysis model.

How we apply it?

Marketing and advertising

Advertisers and brands utilize the metadata our AI-based models generates, to understand key elements of particular areas of the city to target contextualized ads based on people and vehicle segments. Vehicle recognition and counting, in addition to facial demographics and people counting, are being applied to understand the audience and segments to target potential customers with personalized Ads in the OOH market.

Safety and security

Existing traditional security setups requiring manual monitoring, are extremely expensive and prone to human error. Our AI-based features can be applied to pedestrian safety and mobility, incident detection, vehicle recognition, among others to provide with automated video analysis.

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