Privacy Policy

By using and/or accessing the services in any manner, the end-user acknowledges to have read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), understands it, and agrees to be bound by them. The company may collect, use, and share user’s information in the ways outlined below. If the end-user does not agree to these practices and policies, the end-user should not use the services.  If the end-user uses the services on behalf of another natural person or company, the end-user represents that is authorized by such individual or entity to accept this privacy policy on such individual’s or entity’s behalf.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain how Deep Vision AI (the “Company”) may collect, retain, process, share and transfer Clients and/or End Users personal information through the Company WebSite (the “Site”) or through the Company's Software (the “Software”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the Client shall be a natural person or an entity who intends to become a licensee of the Company Software by accepting the Terms and Conditions and as a consequence has access to and/or use the Company Services (the “Client”). 

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the End User shall be a natural person that accesses and/or uses the Company Software as a consequence of the activity carried out on behalf of the Client (the “End User”). 

Modifications to Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to the Company’s business, the Software and/or services, the Site, or applicable law. The Company will provide Clients and End Users notification on changes to the Privacy Policy by placing a notice on the website, by sending an email, and/or by some other means. The revised Privacy Policy will be effective as of the publication date. Clients and End Users may contact the Company at if they have questions about the Company’s privacy practices that are not addressed in this Privacy Policy.

About the Company Software and Services

The Company provides proprietary advanced computer vision software that performs a wide range of computer vision tasks to understand images and video automatically, turning visual content into real-time analytics and valuable insights. The Company Software is accessible through the Company UI (user interface), and/or APIs (application programming interfaces) providing the Client with setup, configuration, user-interaction, and access to results in real-time (collectively “Company Software”). The Company Software, can provide one of many of the following services (the “Services”): 

  1. Vehicle counting and recognition 
  2. Facial recognition 
  3. People counting and age/gender demographics 
  4. People counting and waiting times 
  5. People entering alert zones
  6. Temperature detection

The Company applies significant measures to ensure a transparent and secure process of the personal data involved within the provision of its Services in a constant effort to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) to protect, warrant and preserve the rights to those Clients and/or End Users to may eventually apply or to be served. 

  1. What Information Does The Company Collect And How It Is Collected

The Company collects personal information of Clients and/or End Users to offer its Service (“Personal Information”). The Clients and/or End User’s Personal Information may include: email, first and last name, company, IP (internet protocol) addresses, time zones and cookies. Particularly, the Company may collect the following information:

  1. Registration and use information – When Clients and/or End Users use our Services by establishing an account (“Account”), the Company will collect Personal Information as necessary to offer and fulfill the Services the Clients and/or End Users request. Depending on the Service the Client and/or End User selected, the Company may require Clients and/or End Users to provide the Company with the following Personal Information: full name and email address to establish an Account.  The Company reserves the right to require Clients and/or End Users to provide additional Personal Information.
  2. In order to perform the Service, the Company Site and/or Software may use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are served by the Company Software and stored on the Client´s and/or End User’s device. They enable the Company to identify the Client´s and/or End User’s devices when Clients and/or End Users use and navigate through different websites and applications in order to serve targeted advertising of Company’s products and services to the End Users and/or Clients.

As a result of licensing the Company Software, and through this Privacy Policy, the Company undertakes that Personal Information of End Users may be processed by the Company, with the expressed consent of the Client and/or End User. In no event, the Company shall collect Personal Information from the Client and/or End User that has no consent or has not been provided voluntarily by the Client and/or End User. The Company shall use this information to identify the Client or/and End Users. The duration of the data collection will be until the expiration or termination of the License Agreement.

  1. What Information Does The Company Software Process And How It Is Processed

The Company Software may process personal data, as defined in the Company Software Terms and Conditions (“Personal Data”) in order to provide the Service. The End User and/or Client understands and agrees that in order to provide the Service, the Company may process Personal Data through images and/or video of third parties data subjects, on its behalf for the purpose established by the Client. The Client understands and agrees that in order for the Company to process such Personal Data, the Client shall have the consent of third parties data subjects. In this regard, the Client guarantees to obtain such consent and respond to any arising incidents in this regard, keeping the Company harmless from any claims. The duration of the processing will be until the expiration or termination of the License Agreement.

The Company Software operates in such a way that Personal Data of third parties data subjects are not displayed or visible to End Users and the Client. Additionally, the images and video of third parties data subjects is blurred. This security measure prevents End Users and Clients from determining who is the data subject, thus, protecting their Personal Data. 

  1. What Privacy Choices Are Available To Clients and End Users?

The End Users may have choices to the privacy practices and communications described in this Privacy Policy. The Client and End Users may be provided with instructions and prompts within the use of the Software. 

Choices Relating to the Personal Information the Company Collects. The Client and End Users may decline to provide Personal Information, but certain Services or all of the Services may be unavailable to Clients and End Users.

Choices Relating to Cookies. End Users may have options available to manage cookies preferences.  For example, End Users browser or internet device may allow End Users to delete, disable, or block certain cookies and other tracking technologies.  End Users may choose to enable these options, but doing so may prevent End Users from using many of the core features and functions of the Service and to relegate a better experience.Choices Relating to Registration and Account Information. The Client or End Users shall have an Account in the Company Software with the ability to review and edit Personal Information by logging in and updating their information directly or by contacting the Company.  Clients may contact the Company if they have any questions on their Account information or other related Personal Information.

Choices Relating to Communication. Notices, Alerts and Updates from The Company:  

Marketing: The Company may send marketing content about the Company’s sites, service, products, as well as the products and services of unaffiliated third parties through various communication channels, for example, email. Clients may opt-out of these marketing communications by following the instructions in the communications they receive.  

Informational and Other: The Company will send communications to Clients that are required or necessary to send to Clients and/or End Users regarding the Company’s Service, notifications that contain important information and other communications that Clients and End Users request from the Company.  

Choices Relating to Personal Data. The Company Software contains easy and user-intuitive elements to remove third parties data subjects and enrollment mechanisms that automatically propagate to internal records providing the Client and End Users with full control over the Personal Data. This functionality provides the Client the ability to act as quickly as possible, upon any Personal Data removal request notice, complying with their rights of access to the data for audit, their rights to rectification, their rights to be forgotten, and to apply restrictions of processing of their Personal Data and their data portability. 

  1. Why Do We Retain Personal Information and Personal Data?

The Company has no interest in retaining Personal Information and Personal Data about End Users and Clients, or third parties data subjects for any other purpose than the effectiveness of its Service and to improve the Company Software. The Company may retain Personal Information to fulfill the Company’s legal obligations and for the Company’ business purposes. The Company may retain Personal Information of End Users for the maximum length established by law. The Company may retain Personal Information for longer periods than required by law if it is in The Company’ legitimate business interests and not prohibited by law. 

In case the Company needs to close an Account, the Company may take steps to mask Personal Information and other information, but the Company reserves the possibility to retain and access the data for so long as required to comply with applicable laws.  The Company will continue to use and disclose such Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The Company may retain anonymized Personal Data for statistical purposes, or could be used for training of the algorithms to develop and improve the Company Software for the maximum length established by law.

  1. Why Do We Process Personal Information and Personal Data? 

The Company may process Clients and/or End Users, and third parties data subjects information and data for the following reasons:

  • To manage the Company Software and Site, such as monitoring, analyzing, and improving the Services and the Site performance and functionality. 
  • To respond to Clients requests made through the Site or Company Software.
  • To market to Clients by delivering marketing materials about the Company Services and to tailor certain Services or Site experiences to better match the Company’s understanding of their interests.
  • To comply with the Company’s obligations and to enforce the terms of the Company’s Site and Services, including to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The Company will recommend and encourage Clients to comply with all applicable regulations regarding data privacy in all applicable jurisdictions.
  • To provide the Service to its Clients and to accomplish the Client’s main purpose. 
  1. Do We Share/Transfer Personal Information? 

Only for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and to perform the Service, Personal Information may be disclosed by the Company, when necessary, to authorities, other companies within the same the Company affiliates, the Company’ partners and to other third parties, such as third party service providers used in connection with the Company Service and services related thereto.

Only if applicable, Personal Information may be transferred outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (“EU/EEA”), including but not limited to, the United States of America, asian and latin american countries as well where the Company conducts its business. Personal Data transfer outside the EU/EEA, may apply only if required by the Client. Such transfers outside the EU/EEA shall be performed subject to appropriate safeguards and safety measures such as standard data protection clauses adopted in respective agreements or otherwise approved by the EU Commission in accordance with the GDPR. The applicable Standard Data Protection Clauses in the respective agreements may be available for review to End Users upon appropriate request.

In other cases for different jurisdictions, like but not limited to, Argentina, Personal Information may be transferred outside the country to countries with the same or better levels of protection. In case the Personal Information is transferred to countries with lower levels of protections, the Company will perform those transfers subject to appropriate safeguards and safety measures such as standard data protection clauses adopted in respective agreements or otherwise approved by the legal applicable authority.

  1. How Do We Protect Clients and End Users Personal Information? 

The Company maintains technical, physical, and administrative security measures designed to provide reasonable protection for Clients and End Users Personal Information, and third parties data subjects Personal Data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration.  The security measures include firewalls, end-to-end data encryption, blurring on image and video data, and information access authorization controls.  Nevertheless, the Company shall not guarantee that security measures taken will prevent illegally and maliciously operating third parties from obtaining access to Clients and End Users Personal Information and the absolute security of that information during its transmission or its storage on the Company systems. While the Company is dedicated to securing its systems, the Company Software and Services, the Clients are responsible for securing and maintaining the privacy of their password(s) and Account, registration information, verifying that the Personal Information the Company maintains about the Clients is accurate and current and that Personal Data remains secured in the infrastructure without unauthorized access to the data. In order to maintain appropriate security measures and protect Personal Data, the Company encourages the Client and End User to implement a data loss prevention strategy, and to ensure the End User with access to Personal Data commit themselves to confidentiality and non-disclosure terms following international data protection rules. 

  1. Which are the End Users and Clients’ Rights?

End Users, Clients and third party data subjects have the right to request:

  • Access to and rectification or deletion of their Personal Information and Personal Data;
  • For restriction of processing concerning their Personal Information and Personal Data or to object to processing; and to receive, under certain preconditions, their Personal Information and Personal Data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to transmit those data to another controller. 

Data subjects may exercise the aforementioned rights by sending a written request to the Company at Clients and/or End Users have a right to withdraw the consent of processing of Personal Information and/or Personal Data at any time. Said withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. In case the Clients and/or End Users consider that its rights under the data protection laws are infringed, the Clients and/or End Users may file a complaint with the supervisory authority of the Clients and/or End Users residence. As an example for Europe, Data Protection authorities are independent public authorities that supervise, through investigative and corrective powers, the application of the data protection law. They provide expert advice on data protection issues and handle complaints lodged against violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the relevant national laws. There is one in each EU Member State. Generally speaking, the main contact point for questions on data protection is the Data Protection authority in the EU Member State where User or Company is based. To find the proper authority User or Company may enter the following link: As an example, for Argentina, the authority is “Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública”, Av. Pte. Julio A. Roca 710 . Piso 2º - Ciudad de Buenos Aires,  -  email: +5411-2821-0047. 

Contact Us

If the Client and/or End User has any questions or concerns regarding the Company’s Privacy Policy, please contact us. All contacts and inquiries related to this Privacy Policy should be addressed to